Maria is the CEO of tenko. She's been writing since she can remember and translating professionally for over 5 years. After 2 years of working as a recipe developer, she decided she prefers eating food over making it and decided to pursue her real passions: writing, languages and Japan by providing services as a translator and content writer. And moving to Japan. Highly empathetic and imaginative, she understands people and their needs but also hardships and pain points. She uses all her abilities and experience to help young creative entrepreneurs provide solutions to them through high-quality, emotional content and translations. She is aware that each project is unique and has its own little details that can be crucial in convincing your reader to buy the product.

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Other facts about Maria: Likes to read and eat. Also, to travel (not only to eat). Secretly obsessed with languages. Her party tricks include playing ukulele, singing, horrible puns, and boring you to death with trivia about Japan. As you read it, she’s most probably somewhere in Japan or South Korea.